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Hampi Tour Packages

Hampi, one of the must-visit historic places in Karnataka is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site -Group of Monuments at Hampi. Hampi holiday packages give you the opportunity to explore the quaint village, nestled on the banks of the Tungabhadra River.

Hampi tours take you to the ancient village which was once the capital of Vijaynagara Empire in the 14th century and now though ruined and ravaged is still magnificent. The scenic town holds various sobriquets like Bhaskara-kshetra or Kishkindha-kshetra Pampa-kshetra, it is a favored city for historic tours as well s well backpacking trips.

Among the places to visit in Hampi, Vitthala Temple and Virupaksha Temple are the top tourist attractions here. The Vitthala temple is the most artistically designed Hindu temple. The Virupkasha Temple is an iconic place which no tourist can afford to miss. The oldest shrine is an active Hindu worship site. Lotus Mahal is a splendid palace that boasts of exemplary architectural design.

Shopping at the Hampi Bazaar is one of most important things to do in Hampi. The market is a treasure trove of various artefacts and items. Learn about the legends of Lord Vishnu inscribed at numerous friezes at the Hazara Rama temple. Explore the Hemakuta hill monuments. Witness the ceremonial structures on the Mahanavami platform. Visit the Water infrastructure, the square water pavilion also known as the ‘Queen’s Bath’.

Book any of the Hampi tour packages, browsing through the options at Holiday Mirchi and set on for a time travel to history.

List of Hampi Holiday Packages