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Places to Visit in India by Month

India is a fascinating country, and one may visit each part of it depending on the particular season prevailing at the time. January is the time when India experiences winters, and this is the time to go sightseeing and exploring. Some of the best destinations to visit during this time are Goa, Jaipur and Khajuraho, besides others. The month of February ushers in love, and the places best visited during this month are Andaman, Agra, Kochi etc. Come March, and India is painted with the colors of spring. Head to Manali, Rajasthan and Varanasi, among others, during this time. One feels the freshness of the summers during April, and this is when places like Bangalore, Shimla and Coorg are best visited.

To escape the scorching heat of May, escape to hill stations like Munnar, Ladakh, Sikkim etc. In the oppressive heat of June, places like Jammu and Kashmir, Coorg and Alleppey are most attractive. To enjoy the monsoon in July, rush to places like Meghalaya, Kerala, and Goa besides others. Enjoy the monsoon showers in August too in Cherrapunjee, Coorg and Munnar. The retreating monsoon leaves India refreshed in September, and one can experience this in places like Andaman, Rajasthan and Kovalam. India is most beautiful during autumn, making visits to places like Jaisalmer, Varanasi and Goa extremely attractive. The nip in the air is first felt in November, and places like Delhi, Manali and Pushkar, besides others, are best explored during this time. The thrill of winters is best experienced during December, and places like Agra, Delhi, Karnataka and Kerala, apart from others, are most attractive during this time.

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